EnSpectr RamMics M532® Raman Microscope

EnSpectr RamMics M532® Raman Microscope

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RamMics M532® Raman Microscope integrates the opportunities of the EnSpectr R532®Raman Analyzer Scientific Edition and Olympus CX-41 microscope adapted both for transmission and reflection measurements. The wide functionality of RamMics M532® allows distinguishing particles of 2-3 µm in size and differentiating them from those with other chemical and physical properties, which opens multiple research prospects within a single Raman system. Excellent spatial resolution of 1 µm and spectral resolution 4-6 cm-1 provide precise quality of measurements and repeatability. Due to its compact design and portability, RamMics M532®ensures high quality in-situ results with minimum expenses and proves to be a truly indispensable tool for various applications. Equipped with a motorized sample stage with a step from 0.36 µm (option), RamMics M532®turns into the world’s most cost-effective micro-Raman system for automatic 2D mapping.

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  • High-precision measurements of heterogeneous compounds and small objects
  • Reflection and transmission measurement modes
  • Sample positioning and focusing with digital camera
  • 2D mapping (optional)
  • Cost-effective fully functional Raman System
  • Compact size and portability
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses of compounds with superior accuracy
  • Hi-tech system

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