EnSpectr M in Vivo

EnSpectr M in Vivo

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Meeting the needs of the customers EnSpectr improves the comfort of non-invasive real-time spectroscopic analysis by launching Fiber luminescent analyzers. EnSpectr M In Vivo cable is a critical tool when it comes to measurements with immersion into the sample (for example, analysis of powdered raw materials) or in case of hard-to-reach sample areas. Due to the fiber benefits EnSpectr M In Vivo luminescent analyzers are widely used in bioscience and medical diagnostics: by scanning certain parts of remote human tissues it is possible to state the level of tissue oxygen saturation and pathogenic pathway phase, or evaluate the quality of blood circulation. Moreover, fiber technology is applied in petroleum refining, incoming material control, monitoring of environmental pollution and in a range of other application fields. The customers are encouraged to adjust the instrument according to their needs: the parameters of laser diodes (405 – the basic complectation, 532, 637 or 780 nm), fiber type (SMA, FC) and fiber length are set considering future application fields. We also provide an option of assembling a fiber luminescent analyzer with an in-built fiber connection port only.

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  • Fiber length and fiber type chosen by customer
  • Range of laser wavelengths according to customer’s requirements
  • Split-second results
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Real-time measurements
  • Analysis of remote sample parts
  • No probes or sample preparation

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