up to 100dB from DC to 13GHz


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Solution Type: RF Test enclosures

RF enclosures are now a necessity for testing wireless devices. The dbSafe offers unmatched isolation in its class; up to 100dB from DC to 13GHz. The dbSafe has been engineered from the ground up to provide superior RF isolation and performance while being cost effective. The dbSafe can be designed and manufactured to almost any size and dimensions. Additional testing accessories, such as antenna positioners and mounting brackets can be added to accommadate different test setups. Flexible custom I/O panel allows multiple connections for RF, ethernet, data, power, fiber optics, and waveguides. The custom I/O panel can also be changed on-site as projects change. Double wall design provides the higher shielding effectiveness which is required for testing low power sensitive devices. Custom RF absorber foam eliminates unwanted reflections within the RF enclosure.

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