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Solution Type: Antenna Coupler
Antenna Coupler Bnr

Couple to wireless devices using the dbCoupler and meet the requirements for efficient broadband test. dbCouplers are omni-directional wideband antennas, operating in the frequency range of 300MHz-8GHz. This is a key tool in characterizing various antennas within wireless devices. Test with the dbCoupler for superior coupling performance to all wireless devices. The result is very low loss in coupling path while avoiding use of RF cables and connectors. The dbCouplers come in multiple configurations to test SISO and MIMO devices. Repeat measurements with tenth of a dB coupling accuracy. The dbCoupler’s wideband characteristics encompass all frequency bands for wireless device testing. A combination of the dbCoupler and a Testforce DUT positioner eliminates error and maximizes efficiency.  

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  • dbCOUPLER MINI - For applications where space is an issue, the dbCoupler Mini provides comparable performance at 2/3 the size of the standard dbCoupler.

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