Omicron CT Analyzer

Omicron CT Analyzer

Current Transformer Testing, calibration and assessment


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Solution Type: Power Transformer, CT and VT testing
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Analyze your current transformer (CT) with the push of a button

How CT Analyzer works
  • Injects low test signals into secondary side of the CT
  • Determines the CT‘s equivalent circuit parameters
  • Identifies all relevant CT performance parameters
  • Displays all relevant parameters of the CT and its accuracy at different currents and burdens
  • Evaluates the CT according to the selected standard
  • Determines unknown CT nameplate parameters
  • Demagnetizes the CT after the test.
Range of measurements
    • Ratio and phase accuracy
    • Winding resistance
    • Excitation characteristics (knee points)
    • Composite error (ALF, ALFi, FS, FSi, Vb)
    • Burden impedance
    • Transient CT classes and parameters (TPS, TPX, TPY and TPZ type CTs)
    • Transient dimensioning factor (Ktd)
    • If missing/unknown: CT type, class, ratio, knee point, power factor, nominal burden, operating burden, primary and secondary winding resistance
    • Remanence and residual magnetism
    • Immediate good/bad evaluation
  Additional features:
  • Simulate different burdens and currents
  • Analyze the effect of CT saturation
  • Measure VT ratio
  • Multimeter

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Key features

  • Highest measurement accuracy: 0.02 % / 1 min when calibrating on site
  • Very small and lightweight (< 8 kg / 17.4 lbs), easy to transport for on-site testing
  • Automatic evaluation according to IEC, IEEE and to customized or local/national standards
  • Short commissioning times (duration of the automatic test < 1min)
  • Excellent workplace safety - Tests run at max. 120 V
  • Integration into testing routines using Remote Interface Control

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