Primary injection, secondary injection and basic protection test set


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Solution Type: Relay & Switchgear Testing
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COMPANO 100 is the universal and easy to use solution for all types of basic testing duties in electrical energy systems. Controlled electronic sources allow the user to obtain exactly the desired value and to output signals with variable frequencies and other signal forms, automated ramps, and pure DC. The highly flexible inputs are configurable, for example, as binary inputs for relay testing, AC or DC voltage inputs or current inputs. Due to its light weight (only 10 kg / 22 lbs), small size and unique battery operation, COMPANO 100 can be moved around easily and used for commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting in substations, industry plants, railway systems or renewable energy plants.

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Key features

  • Accurate output of desired value
  • Run complex predefined sequences and ramps
  • Polarity check signal generation for quick setup of wiring tests
  • Runs without mains power supply for several hours
  • High versatility
  • Portable due to light weight


  • Wiring checks and polarity checks
  • Burden measurements
  • Single-phase protection relay testing
  • CT / VT ratio checks
  • Micro-ohm resistance testing

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