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ClearView is highly advanced test & measurement analyzer for audio and video quality, subjective viewing, recording and comparatively playing up to two 8K ultra high definition uncompressed sequences*. The product line provides a wide choice of quality analysis features and measurements that effectively quantify the human subjective experience.

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  • Multiple models and capabilities
  • Versatile broadcast HDSDI IO, IP stream decode/capture and file ingest
  • Quantitative video picture quality analyzer with MOVIE, DMOS (MS-SSIM), Sarnoff JND and audio PEAQ
  • Performance test metrics for video and audio with PSNR, aFreq, Lip-sync and Loudness testing
  • Intricate subjective viewing modes on HDSDI and HDMI with side-by-side uncompressed up to 8K and 4K @ 60 Hz
  • New desktop window of subjective viewing modes for machine room or data center without video connectivity

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