Cinergia GE – Grid Emulator series

Cinergia GE - Grid Emulator series

AC&DC Grid Emulator


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Solution Type: Regenerative Source > Grid Emulator Regenerative Source
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Grid emulators are specially designed for emulate grid disturbances. Each equipment integrates VSC modules and DSP control boards equipped with all necessary power components, electrical protections, auxiliary electronics and security elements. The power electronics unit of each emulator is a back to back topology formed by 2 voltage source converters connected in series. It is a multifunctional AC-AC converter that shows a wide range of applications. Grid emulators are specially designed for emulate grid disturbances. All the range of our Grid Emulators allows great flexibility to evaluate all type of scenarios. They can generate different type of grids and its common faults and disturbances.

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Generates different types of grid: • Three phase power grid (3F+N) from 0 to 440Vac. • Power grid with variable frequency from 0 to 800Hz. • DC Voltage Source from -750 to 750Vdc Generates common grid defects as: • Power grid with voltage harmonics control  up to 15th  (50-60Hz) • Flickers (programmable amplitude and frequency) and overvoltage • Generation of interruptions and voltage dips (type A, B, C and D) • Three phase power grids with programmable variations in frequency • o   Impedance of grid variable
  • Test of electric and electronic equipment against electrical disturbances
  • PCC: point of common coupling
  • Test of control algorithms for electrical microgrid
  • Testing of electronic equipment under special conditions: 60 Hz, 400 Hz; 110 Vrms , 127 Vrms
  • Aircraft grid tests & disturbances
  • DC voltage source: PV panels, batteries...

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