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Working in the electronics industry? Looking for electronic loads measuring and testing devices? At WISE TECH, Israel's leading supplier of power systems to businesses in electronics industry, you will find the most advanced electronic load measuring and testing system manufactured by Cinergia, which specializes in developing high-tech products.
AC & DC Electronic Load
 AC & DC ELCTRONIC LOAD is a unique system that combines two products for both AC and DC load testing. This system enables you to enjoy a wide range of electronic load testing and measuring in one advanced device; Also, it ensures maximum energy savings, which means significant cost savings. The system incorporates equipment for testing active and reactive power from the point of time received by industrial communications or predefined curves. Also, the built-in equipment allows, among other things, defining various network defects such as: voltage, fuses, flickers and frequency variations.
For more information about our electronic Load devices, contact us directly and enjoy professional consulting as well as a wide range of Electronic Load Measuring devices manufactured by the world's leading companies.
.EL-AC&DC is the combination of two products in a single cabinet: an EL-AC and an EL-DC.
 The equipment can be used alternatively in AC or in DC providing the highest flexibility at a very competitive price. Thanks to its bidirectional power hardware, the test energy can be regenerated to the electrical grid.

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Regenerative function: The regenerative system allows the test with a consumption of only the 25%, allowing large energy savings and therefore economical costs. AC/DC load emulation The equipment has predefined functions in order to simplify operation: PQ_LOAD: the equipment provides Active and Reactive Power from set point received through industrial communications or via predefined curves. HARMONIC_LOAD: the equipment provides current with harmonics until 15th. The magnitude of each harmonic is configured through industrial communications or via predefined curves. UNBALANCED_LOAD: the equipment provides unbalanced three-phase grid. It is possible to configure different defects in the grid like Voltage DIPS, flickers  and frequency variations. DC_LOAD: the equipment provides programmable Current in DC from current command received through industrial communications or via predefined curves.

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