Cinergia DCPS – DC Programmable Power Supply

Cinergia DCPS - DC Programmable Power Supply

Programmable DC Power Supply 6.75 – 160 kW


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Solution Type: Regenerative Source > Programmable DC PS 6.75KW to 160KW Regenerative Source
armari standard 6 0 1

CINERGIA’s DC Programmable Power Supplies are regenerative power supplies designed to generate a controlled DC source or load. This equipment has energy recovery capability which allows saving energy during the working period by returning the energy to the mains (saves up to 92%). DCPS includes the option to choose between bidirectional and unidirectional output mode. Furthermore the grid-tied IGBT Active Rectifier allows a sinusoidal current consumption with low distortion and a high power factor.

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Regenerative power supply The converter integrates a grid tied IGBT inverter allowing a bidirectional power flow from the grid input to the DC output providing energy savings. DC cycling For testing purposes, a power/time profile for cycling different kind of systems can be configured
  • Automated testing systems
  • Product and Quality validation
  • R&D Laboratories
  • Testing and Charging DC storage systems (batteries, capacitors, fuel cells)
  • Battery, Solar panel and DC load emulation
  • Electromotive

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