Cinergia B2C series – bidirectional battery chargers

Cinergia B2C series – bidirectional battery chargers


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Solution Type: Regenerative Source > Battery Emulator Regenerative Source
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The Bidirectional Battery Charger is a regenerative AC/DC converter designed to generate a controlled DC output from 12 to 750V. Its main application is the charge and discharge of batteries, or other DC storage systems. It produces important energy savings in battery testing or characterization when regenerating the stored energy to the grid. The equipment is integrated by an Active Front End, a DC bus stage, and 3 independent DC/DC converters with output filters and sensors. Each DC output channel can be regulated independently or can be parallelized for high current applications. The following operating modes can be selected by the user:

o   Constant Voltage (CV): the output voltage is controlled to the set point value

o   Constant Current (CC): the output current is controlled to the set point value

o   Battery Charge (BC): the output DC combines constant current and constant voltage modes to charge the battery in a IUoU charge mode

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Regenerative power supply The converter is based on a hardware topology allowing a bidirectional power flow from the grid input to the DC output providing important energy savings when cycling batteries Reactive Power control The power supply controls independently the active and reactive power consumed. The user can select the required inductive or capacitive power. Communication interfaces Different interfaces can be integrated to communicate with the Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Production and Quality tests
  • Characterization tests
  • Research and Development
  • Battery charge and discharge
  • Vehicle to grid (V2G)

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