Calibration Source M345X6-LC

Calibration Source M345X6-LC

Liquid-cooled, Large Area, Low Temperature Blackbody Source


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Solution Type: Process, Temp & Pressure Calibrators
Calibration Source M345X6 LC

Liquid cooled version of M345X for very low temperatures. -40 to 100 °C (-40 to 212 °F)

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Key Features

  • High emissivity and uniformity
  • Excellent extremely low temperature calibration
  • Large aperture sizes
  • High accuracy, high resolution
  • Manufactured and tested to meet rigid quality control standards


Designed to satisfy the exacting parameters of infrared focal plane array detectors, thermal imaging and forward looking infrared (FLIR) systems testing in static and moving scene applications, LumaSense’s M345X6-LC Series blackbody calibration sources combine fast slew rates, high emissivity, and unchallenged stability and uniformity. As part of an extensive range of general purpose and primary standards for testing and calibrating a wide variety of IR devices, the M345X6-LC Series embodies the accumulated expertise of almost 30 years of specialization in this discipline. The M345X6-LC Series Blackbody Sources are liquid cooled and heated by precision thermoelectric modules (Peltier method) and are available in absolute or differential configurations. The two piece system is comprised of 19 inch rack mount controller and a separate emitter source enclosure. The source is available in emitter size of 6x6 inch (152 x 152 mm) and in a standard temperature range of -40 °C to 100 °C (-40 to 212 °F).

Typical Calibration Applications

  • Infrared Temperature Sensors
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Systems
  • Spectrographic Analyzers
  • Radiometers
  • Flux Meters

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