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Solution Type: Scanning Electrochemical Systems
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In collaboration with LEPA-EPFL, we are pleased to offer the Soft Stylus Probe contact mode technique developed by Professor Hubert Girault and co-workers for constant distance SECM. The probe technology offers the following benefits:

  • Constant distance SECM: SECM imaging without major topographic artefacts. Ideal for tilted, corrugated and rough samples.
  • Soft contact with sample: with a contact force up to 1000 times less than hard probe technology, soft probes are ideal for studying biological samples in constant distance mode SECM.
  • Low cost: no need for additional hardware and special feedback control electronics to control vertical position of the probe with respect to the sample.
  • Faster measurements: no need to measure topography before SECM scans. Fast approach curve to find the sample surface.
  • Flexible and stable Probes: no risk of damaging the probe or sample during positioning and scanning.
  • Small Tip: – Substrate better distance is easily achieved greatly enhancing contrast imaging and improving image resolution.
  • Easy Electrode Preparation: The tip of the electrodes can be cut after each use ensuring a clean surface. Replacement probes can be purchased.

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  • Constant-Distance operation in conjunction with a topographic measurement technique (e.g. OSP) or Constant Distance SECM with EPFL Soft Stylus Probe technology
  • Soft contact with sample. Useful for soft materials such as biological samples.
  • Lowest cost constant distance SECM method available on the market.

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