Ametek VersaSTAT 4 Potentiostat Galvanostat

Ametek VersaSTAT 4 Potentiostat Galvanostat

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Solution Type: Potentiostat / Galvanostat system Potentiostat / Galvanostat system > Single Channel
315 versastat 4

The VersaSTAT 4 builds upon the already impressive new design of the VersaSTAT 3 giving you even more improved speed, versatility, and precision required for a range of electrochemical applications. The increased maximum current of 1A standard as well as optional current boosters up to 20A, positions the VersaSTAT 4 to take you from the early stages of battery and fuel cell development to the charge/discharge experiments on the final product and the challenges that lie ahead for the next generation of batteries. The improved low current performance with fA resolution and pA accuracy addresses current sensitive applications such as sensors, corrosion, inhibitors, and combined with the optional FRA, coating technologies. The additional analog filtering makes the VersaSTAT 4 an even better choice for corrosion applications while the additional bandwidth filtering adds extra stability for capacitive cells. The VersaSTAT 4, with its additional capabilities, makes an exciting addition to our VersaSTAT family making them even more of an exceptional value for all of your application needs.

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  • Improved low current performance with fA resolution and pA accuracy
  • Maximum current up to 1A with additional bosster options ranging from 2A-20A
  • 2µs time base for faster data acquisition and faster scan rates
  • Additional analog filter selections on current and voltage channels for superior signal/noise measurements
  • An internal frequency response analyzer option that provides impedance analysis over the frequency range 10µHz to MHz
  • Easy-to-use VersaStudio software included

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