Ametek VersaSTAT 3F Potentiostat Galvanostat

Ametek VersaSTAT 3F Potentiostat Galvanostat

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315 versastat 3f

The VersaSTAT 3F is the latest addition to the VersaSTAT family. Although sharing similar specifications to the VersaSTAT 3 (10µs data acquistion, ±650mA current range) and the VersaSTAT 4 (4nA lower current range, enhanced filtering options) the VersaSTAT 3F was designed specifically to operate with earth-grounded cells. The "F" in the VersaSTAT 3F name is for "floating," a term used to describe the electrical isolation of the systems electrode leads and reat panel connectors from the earth ground. In floating mode, the internal ground of the VersaSTAT 3F (as well as the cell leads and external connections at the rear panel) is allowed to float with respect to earth grounded cells. Examples or earth grounded cells include autoclaves, strain apparatus, storage tanks and pipelines, and additional electrodes connected to a separate potentiostat that is not floating. The VersaSTAT 3F was designed to operate in either a "normal" mode (same mode as V3 and V4 models) or a "floating" mode, selectable in the operating software. In addition to the mode selections, the VersaSTAT 3F also provides additional filters that could be required with some cells in order to enhance the signal to noise. A special "Notch Filter" for those frequencies associated with line power (50/60Hz), and "EIS Filters" (for those systems equipped with the FRA option) are available as needed.

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  • Capable of "floating" for operation with grounded cells and electrodes
  • Specialized filters for float mode operation for enhanced signal /noise ratio
  • ±650mA/±10V polarization range as standard
  • An internal frequency response analyzer option that provides impedance analysis over the frequency range 10µHz to 1MHz
  • Additional bandwidth filtering options for greater stability on capacitive cells
  • Easy-to-use VersaStudio software included

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