Ametek SolarLab XM Photoelectrochemical

Ametek SolarLab XM Photoelectrochemical

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SolarLab XM is an application specific XM (Xtreme Measurement) product that is primarily focused on solar cell / photovoltaic research, developed in conjunction with Professor Laurie Peter of the University of Bath, UK. SolarLab XM includes a reference grade potentiostat, frequency response analyzer (FRA) and PhotoEchem module that provide complete characterization of a wide range of Solar/PV cells, including Perovskite and Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC). Additionally, the system can be used for development of visible spectrum photoelectrochemical systems such as Iron-Oxide photo-splitting of water. A key feature of this system is its ease of use, with data analysis requiring just one click of the mouse! For experienced users SolarLab XM offers the ability to develop new experiment types with the powerful step sequencer. SolarLab XM includes:

  • Frequency and time domain techniques including IMPS, IMVS, Impedance, Photovoltage Decay, Charge Extraction, I-V
  • Auto analysis for calculating effective diffusion coefficients and electron lifetimes
  • NIST traceable light source calibration
  • Excellent thermal management of light sources for long term stability
  • Wide range of monochromatic high brightness LEDs
  • Full set of electrochemical techniques (cyclic voltammetry, chrono methods, galvano methods, impedance and AC voltammetry)
  • Auxiliary channels (12-wire) for simultaneous anode/cathode voltage and impedance
  • Best in class frequency response analyzer (FRA) - fast single sine, multisine/Fast Fourier Transform, Harmonic Analysis over the full frequency range
  • IPCE option for quantum efficiency measurements

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  • Includes fully integrated optical bench
  • Multiple techniques IMPS, IMVS, I-V, Charge extraction, PV decay with automated data analysis
  • Wide bandwidth impedance and capacitance measurements
  • IPCE available as an option

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