Ametek SDC Scanning Droplet Cell

Ametek SDC Scanning Droplet Cell

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Solution Type: Scanning Electrochemical Systems

Scanning Droplet System (SDC) uses a compact peristaltic pump to force electrolyte through a small diameter tube and into a specifically designed head. This PTFE-based SDC head is machined to allow electrolyte to flow past an installed Reference Electrode and then to a port at the base of the head. When the head is positioned sufficiently close to the sample a droplet forms between the head and sample. Tubing is also connected to an output port of the PTFE head. A second channel of the same peristaltic pump is then used to draw electrolyte past an installed Counter Electrode and out of the system.  SDC experiments can be configured to either:
  • Apply a constant bias (potential, current or open (circuit) and increment position of the head creating a data map.
  • Apply a static or dynamic electrochemical signal, such as a EIS experiment, a Tafel plot, or a Cyclic Voltammetry experiment as the head is kept in a fixed location.
Since electrochemistry occurs at an electrode/electrolyte interface, only the portion of the sample that is in contact with the droplet is being measured. This allows experiments to study a small area of a large sample, without cutting the sample and thus limiting edge effects. When running, the SDC pump creates a flowing droplet. SDC’s pump velocity can be tuned to study different effects of flow rate.

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  • SDC technique confines the electrochemical measurement to the small droplet of electrolyte, defining the area of the electrode/electrolyte interface.
  • Samples can be investigated without cutting the sample or subjecting areas to different electrolyte exposure times.
  • Capable of running both constant bias/swept position plots for data maps and fixed-position/ dynamic signal plots for Cyclic Voltammetry, Tafel, EIS, etc.

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