Ametek PARSTAT MC Multichannel Potentiostat

Ametek PARSTAT MC Multichannel Potentiostat


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Solution Type: Potentiostat / Galvanostat system > Multi Channel Potentiostat / Galvanostat system
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Designed to protect your experiment from the unexpected, the PARSTAT® MC (PMC) is the most modular and robust multi-channel electrochemical testing platform on the market. It builds on our industry-leading 50+ years of experience in potentiostat development and software user-interface design. The PARSTAT™ MC combines function, flexibility and value. Each PARSTAT MC chassis is configured with up to eight (8) potentiostats.  Each potentiostat card provides a wide range of functionality as standard. Channels can operate simultaneously for high-throughput routine testing, asynchronously for different experiments on distinct cells or in a complex matrix of multiple electrodes in a single test environment. Additional channels can be added on-site by the user, even while other channels are in operation. Every component within the chassis is designed to be user-replaceable minimizing the impact of any interruptions in your experiment. This design maximizes value by reserving the slots of the chassis for potentiostat channels and not expensive hardware options. The high-functioning core potentiostat is the basis for a system with excellent price-per-channel, especially compared to typical configurations of other option-based offerings.   The PARSTAT MC Family: PARSTAT MC 2000A

  • 30 V Polarization Voltage range ideal for energy-storage stacks, anodization experiments, generating electrophoretic fields, etc.
  • 6-WIRE function measures an additional voltage benefiting Anode/Cathode impedance analysis, Compliance Voltage determination, and external probe or device integration
  • 7 MHz frequency for EIS investigations of kinetics, mechanisms and solid-state energy materials
  • Fast data acquisition rate of 1 MSample/sec allows for a wide range of high speed applications
  • Widest dynamic current range - 2 Amps to 4 nA (120 fA resolution) as standard
  • Floating ground allows testing of multiple samples in the same cell
  • The most popular channel to meet the needs of today's researcher
  • 5 A and 10 A boosters in-chassis boosters available and compatible with the PMC-2000A and PMC-1000
  • Up to 20 A when operated in parallel
  • Test higher power and lower impedance batteries
  • Study larger electrodes with higher surface area

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  • The Ultimate modular design
  • The ability to mix-and-match channels to provide a customized solution
    • The PMC-1000 offers the widest dynamic current range of 2 A to 4 nA (120 fA resolution) as standard
    • The PMC-2000A provides enhanced voltage resolution (6 V range), capacity (30V range) and function (6-WIRE voltage measurement)
  • Hot-swappable channels allow potentiostats to be added or removed without interruption of experiments on other channels
  • Features the most popular electrochemical acquisition and analysis software solution, VersaStudio

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