Ametek nVision Reference Recorder

Ametek nVision Reference Recorder

Reference Pressure Recorder

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Ametek nVision pressure calibrator nvision 210x360 1

nVision modules put a complete test and calibration system in your toolbox. Accurate enough to replace a deadweight tester Rugged enough to sit in 3 feet of water Portable enough to complete calibrations anywhere • Gauge / Absolute Pressure Datalogger to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar / 100MPa • Differential Pressure with up to 0.025% of reading accuracy • Switch, Voltage, Current, and Temperature • 500 000 data points - 10 readings per second from 2 modules

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  • Records 1 Million Data Points
  • Simple to Use, Intuitive keypad takes seconds to learn.
  • Live Data Graphing
  • Robust, Drop tested from 5 feet.

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