Ametek m1 Digital Pressure Gauge

Ametek m1 Digital Pressure Gauge

0.2% Digital Pressure Gauge

AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

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digital pressure gauge m1 210x250

The m1 digital pressure gauge maintains 0.2% of reading accuracy from -10 to 50°C. Accuracy is not affected by dropping, over-pressure, vibration, temperature, or rapid pressure change. Available as a 30 psi digital manometer. One wide range m1 digital pressure gauge replaces up to five 0.25% mechanical gauges with 0.2% of reading accuracy. • 2-Year recommended calibration interval • Battery life up to 3 years continuous use • Bright backlit display • Easy to read extra-large numbers • Protective boot included • Shifts everyday wear to a replaceable CPF adapter

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