Ametek CellTest Multichannel Potentiostat

Ametek CellTest Multichannel Potentiostat

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The Solartron Analytical CellTest System is a multi-channel test system designed for the complete DC and impedance characterization of a wide range of energy storage devices such as batteries, fuel cells and super-capacitors. The speed, range and resolution of the CellTest system also make it suited to other research applications including the analysis of sensors, coatings, corrosion and general electrochemical applications. The CellTest system consists of one or more 1470E multi-channel potentiostats and multiple 1455A/1451A series frequency response analyzers (FRAs) connected to a computer providing simultaneous DC and impedance tests on multiple cells. Each 1470E unit provides eight fully independent floating potentiostats, allowing up to eight separate cells to be tested simultaneously. Each channel is completely independent allowing the same or quite different experiments to be run on each cell. The CellTest system provides a wide range of experimental techniques, including charge / discharge, potentiostatic, potentiodynamic, galvanostatic, galvanodynamic, fast cyclic voltammetry, open circuit, fast pulse and step techniques, ohmic-drop analysis and impedance.

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Simultaneous Impedance Simultaneous Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) tests can be run on multiple cells by connecting Solartron 1455A/1451A series frequency response analyzer (FRA) modules to the 1470E. These FRAs can operate in single sine correlation or multi-sine / Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis mode, providing the ultimate in speed, precision and accuracy. The 1455A FRA provides high performance impedance measurements over the frequency range 10 μHz to 1 MHz, while the 1451A FRA operates from 10 μHz to 100 kHz. Temperature controlled ovens and furnaces can be added to the system and automatically controlled from the PC over a serial communications link, providing the facility to test cells at different temperatures (for example for testing solid oxide fuel cells at up to 1000 °C). Ethernet control The 1470E and 1455A/1451A FRA units are Ethernet controlled providing either local or remote control of the instrumentation from a PC connected anywhere on the same Ethernet network. This allows experiments to be set-up and run from a quiet office environment while the test equipment and cells are located quite separately in another room or building. The Solartron CellTest system is the most advanced multi-channel battery, fuel cell, supercapacitor test system available, giving the ultimate in DC and impedance test performance. Multiplexed Impedance As a lower price option 1470E can operate with 1260A Impdance Analyzer or any Solartron Analytical Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) to provide impedance measurements using 1470E's built-in multiplexer.  This provides the same EIS accuracy and is applicable where occasional EIS measurements are needed while channels are cycling DC.   This requires the system to operate in GPIB control mode (not Ethernet)

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