Ametek 7210 Multichannel Lock-in Amplifier

Ametek 7210 Multichannel Lock-in Amplifier

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Solution Type: Lock-in Amplifiers
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The Model 7210 Multichannel Lock-in Amplifier is yet another example of the innovation and product development provided by Signal Recovery. This unique instrument is the first multichannel lock-in amplifier of its kind. The design concept of the Model 7210 revolves around the idea of a single excitation signal combined with a multitude of detectors. So, the Model 7210 represents an economical solution compared to using a multitude of expensive amplifiers to work with each detector. The main features & specification points are:

  • Each unit can be configured with 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, or 32 input channels
  • Up to sixteen units can be chain linked together, giving up to 512 input channels
  • Operates with an external reference only
  • Software controlled, without a front panel
  • Measured outputs are recorded digitally
  • Currently offer one type of signal input card:
    • Model 7210/99 option, which is a Voltage Input card
    • Operates at frequencies between: 20 Hz & 50.5 kHz
    • Sensitivity range of 100 uV to 1 V
  • Two choices of software solution:
    • SR7210Comms, which is an ActiveX software development toolkit
    • MULTILCOK software for a complete data acquisition solution (which includes SR7210Comms)

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  • 20 Hz to 50.5 kHz operating frequency range
  • Voltage mode inputs with 0.1 mV to 1 V sensitivity range
  • All channels are calibrated to each other with synchronized data acquisition
  • Independent control of each input channel
  • Tandem demodulation operating mode for AM and FM input signals
  • RS232 and GPIB computer interfaces

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