Albedo Ether10.Genius

Albedo Ether10.Genius

4-in-1 tester


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Solution Type: Telecom Testers
Ether10 Genius front

Ether10.Genius is a handheld tester 100% suitable for labs or field use because is full equipped (IP/Ethernet/PTP/T1/E1), battery operated (up to 24h of operation), light (1.2kg) and very rugged. The unit is able to test Ethernet/IP networks up to 10Gb/s while supporting master/slave Sync-E/PTP emulation. It also has interfaces for PDH/T1/E1/E0 and IEEE C37.94. Operation modes includes Performance, Quality and Wander tests at all interfaces and the ability to emulate and analyse PTP/SyncE, while measuring Freq./Phase, PDV metrics, analyse/generate TIE/MTIE/TDEV and TE. A built-in Rubidium clock disciplined with GPS provides an accuracy of a few nsec. You may buy just a last generation dual port 10GbE tester and then you may add other interfaces just when you need it by a simple and easy upgrade by code. Then you will be able to get the new firmware supporting the desired functionalities.

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  • Platform - Multiport Interfaces
  • Time / Clocks
  • SyncE and PTP testing
  • Latency/Delay measurements
  • Ethernet/IP Testing
  • PDH / T.Carrier testing
  • C37.94 testing
  • Cable features
  • Datacom testing

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