Adash A4950 Stroboscope

Adash A4950 Stroboscope

LED Stroboscope for a Wide Range of Machinery Maintenance Applications

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Solution Type: Vibration Analysis And control > Stroboscope Vibration Analysis And control
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Stroboscope enables to ostensibly stop rotating or generally periodic (reciprocating) motion of a machine. It allows also to find out the speed of rotation or to perform synchronized measurements without having to use reflective markers on the shaft. The A4950 stroboscope uses three ultra-bright LEDs with optical system as a source of flashes. The device is equipped with a colour graphic display and 3 operational buttons. Operation is very easy and intuitive. Two standard or rechargeable AA batteries are used for powering. The A4950 stroboscope can be used also as a tachometer by connecting an external speed probe.

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  • High power LEDs with lens and reflector system
  • Flashing frequency range from 0,5 Hz to 500 Hz (30 RPM to 30 000 RPM)
  • Flash frequency divider and multiplier
  • Control of the flash duration
  • Phase shift or shift by blades function
  • Flashing controlled by internal or external triggering
  • Powering for external laser tacho-probe
  • Trigger output for external instrument (balancer)
  • Torch mode
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Heavy duty case
  • Tripod mounting plate

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