Power Electronic Devices for Industrial Test

CINERGIA’s devices are well suited for functionality and quality testing, developed for manual and automated test benches. Use CINERGIA’s devices for R&D of new products. Integration with test platforms is easy to use with the MODBUS/TCP and communication protocol and comprehensive documentation.Supplied with our equipment, each Labview driver and open-source Labview project allows for quick starts.

Product Safety

Safety is paramount for CINERGIA units. Our cabinets can withstand direct and indirect contact even with the door opened. An emergency stop pushbutton equipped on the door immediately starts a hardware-safe stopping procedure. CINERGIA’s cabinets are also equipped with remote emergency stop pushbuttons (interlock relays) connected to a terminal that engages the same stopping procedure. They also offer readback of local emergency pushbutton sent to the general safety and interlock system.

CINERGIA customers herald the simple and intuitive interface in product development applications. Our products boast a variety of functions and versatility of different models in product lines. The units run local data logging and software data logging for applications that don’t need real-time functions. 

Our platforms include a Grid Simulator (GE+), which creates worldwide networks including 50/60 Hz and split-phase. Test the DUT with specific disturbances to match standards. An AC Electronic Load (EL+) tests DUTs which generate voltage waveforms as Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS). CINERGIA’s DC Bidirectional Converter (B2C+) is a regenerative power source suitable for DC applications. For applications where simultaneity is not needed, but versatility is, our All-in-One products from the GE&EL+ family are perfect.