AC Power Sources for R&D and Power Test Solutions.

In this day and age, the power sector is inundated with a vast array of AC power grids. This selection is useful, but its common drawback is the relative instability of AC power grids due to interference and location. Pacific’s AC power sources mitigate these factors enabling engineers to design for those circumstances.

We understand how important withstanding power line disturbances are as well as how common they can be day-to-day. Pacific Power mitigates these circumstances, offering AC power solutions tailored to your needs by working with you.

Power Test Solutions Around the Globe

Whether your need is research and development laboratories in commercial, industrial, or even governmental and military facilities, we have an AC solution perfect for you. We work with both domestic and foreign companies across the globe. Design and test your products with Pacific Power Source’s AC power solutions. 

Introduce stability to your AC power sources by allowing for rigorous testing. Ensure consistency under simulated harmonics on the AC power line or simply conduct an AC power testbed. Pacific Power Source offers units perfect for tabletops and laboratory-grade to meet your needs.

Our Products and Their Uses

Pacific Power Source offers variable solutions in the form of our ASX and LMX Series capable of single and three-phase operation. Our ADF Series or MS Series are suited to the bulk needs of facility applications. 

Pacific Power’s varied AC power solutions have been used by R&D teams for many uses including:

  • Power Grid Simulation
  • Circuit Breaker Test Systems
  • Watt-Hour Meter Test Systems
  • Lighting Ballast Systems
  • Aerospace System Tests
  • Appliance Burn-In Tests
  • EMC Compliance Tests in accordance with EU Standards(EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61000-4-11 pre-compliance)

AC Power Solutions Allow Consistency and Safety

Ensure your AC devices are consistent, safe and perform at their best with extensive testing during your research and development phase with Pacific Power’s AC Power Solutions.