Controller Area Network (CAN) Serial Bus Systems

Modern electronic systems face many challenges when implementing data exchange. There are high standards for interference immunity, real-time capabilities, and the cost-effectiveness of the system. Controller area network (CAN) serial bus systems are used in the demanding automation and automotive industries to meet these challenges.

Modern applications, such as the development of electric vehicles, require versatile power measurement. Power analyzers are critical to determining efficiency in these electrical applications. Implementing these devices with the CAN network of the vehicle represents a significant challenge. 

The power analyzers capable of the necessary precision at the power levels under consideration typically output data through USB, Ethernet, or RS232. The variety of communication protocols employed by different devices makes consolidating data difficult. Traditional solutions require dedicated programming efforts or expensive substitutes for the devices.

Zes Zimmer lmg 600

CAN-Bus interface

Instead, the LMG600 series of ZES Zimmer Power Analyzers comes standard with a CAN-Bus interface that enables highspeed ISO 11898-2 data communication through a CAN-Bus. The previously stated problems are solved by this new application allowing for complex sensor groups to consolidate their power measurements. The LMG600 series is a unique line that meets the need for power analysis at the precisions required within the automotive and other demanding industries. For more about the LMG600 series or to request a quote, you can see the LMG600 product page at Wise-Tech.

These power analyzers are incorporated into sensor and actuator networks to produce a variety of measurements for distinct CAN IDs. These measurement values are delivered to the measurement cycle continuously. Integration is further expedited by responding to remote transmissions requests with the most recent measurement value.