Compact AC source, PCR-MA, solves refrigeration company’s output waveform distortion issues while improving product quality and throughput.

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • Compact AC sources provide high-quality output waveform.
  • Improves the production throughput and product quality.

Mr. C couldn’t find AC sources appropriate for his use until he found out about Kikusui Electronics Corp. They solved his issues with the PCR-MA Series. With a compact size, Company J could build it in the production line, and it had an output up to 4kW.

The PCR-MA Series has a standard LAN and USB interface that supports future automation progress. Mr. C was most excited about the output waveform of the PCR-MA Series as he knew it would improve production throughput and product quality.

Compact AC PCR-MA Series solves issues caused by Voltage Events.

Mr. C ordered a demo model and noted that the PCR-MA’s fine waveform quality was so high that it could improve Company J’s throughput.

They installed the PCR-MA in the production line permanently after the demo. They saw an increase in the production capacity, as well as quality and throughput. 

We have a much higher rate of customer satisfaction,” noted Mr. C. “I now realize the importance of an AC source. Voltage events interrupt sensitive processes and slowly kills equipment. These events can also create computer and communications problems. But Kikusui’s PCR-MA solves these issues. We’re certainly introducing other Kikusui power supplies and test instruments to our production line.