Distortion in AC Source’s Output Waveform Deteriorates Production Throughput

The Solution

  • High-quality output waveform
  • Compact AC source installed in the production line
  • Mitigate or eliminate issues caused by poor waveform quality or voltage events.

A compact AC source with a consistent high-quality waveform increases throughput

Mr. C mulled over Company J’s issues and determined the solution was an AC power source that consistently had fine output waveforms. Kikusui Electronics Corp seemed to offer Mr. C a solution with their PCR-MA Series.

The PCR-MA Series unit was compact enough to be installed directly into the production line and had an output of up to 4kW. Mr. C noted it also had LAN and USB interfaces which would support Company J’s conversion to automation in the future.

Mr. C contacted Kikisui and was provided with captured waveforms to review. Upon review, he found the samples consistently presented a high-quality fine waveform, which was enough for him to order a demo model.


Kikusui’s PCR-MA unit solves problems caused by voltage events and leads to customer satisfaction.

During the trial with the demo model, Mr. C confirmed the PCR-MA’s waveform and performance. Its high-quality waveform and compact size allowed improvements in throughput. 

Once installed in the production line Company J had an increase in not only production speed, but quality leading to much higher customer satisfaction rates. 

Mr. C grew to appreciate the importance of a good AC source and the role it plays in the production line. 

 “Voltage events interrupt sensitive processes, shorten the useful life of the equipment, and cause computer and communications problems,” Mr. C observed. “Trying Kikusui’s PCR-MA Series was the best solution to this issue and Company J will certainly introduce other equipment to our production line in the future.