Testing environment and production quality improves with high voltage AC power supply PCR-LE Series

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • Control broadband waveforms with AC power supplies’ linear amplifier system
  • Supports DC output up to ±424V
  • Simulate various powerline abnormalities and sequence operations

Control broadband waveforms and DC output up to ±424V

Kikusui’s PCR-LE Series is a high-performance multifunctional AC source capable of adopting linear amplifier methods which realize high stability and high-quality output. Supporting free control of a range of waveforms, the PCR-LE conducts a variety of highly accurate competitive functions. The high-quality waveforms meet a wide range of functions, including R&D, manufacturing, inspection, and servicing, to name a few. 

Supporting AC, DC, and combination outputs, the PCR-LE Series boasts varied uses in many industries. Mr. S determined that with outputs up to ±424V in DC mode, the PCR-LE was the right solution for accurate sequence function and variation test.

Sequence a variety of outputs with just one unit

Mr. S and Company B ordered a demo model of Kikusui’s PCR-LE. After running a series of tests, they confirmed its waveform quality. Simulation accuracy and efficiency improved with its implementation, while the PCR-LE’s rapid response performance resulted in more stable tests. 

Mr. S found that his engineers thrived in the better testing environment brought by the PCR-LE. With a wide array of variation patterns through sequence function Company B also saw an increase in product quality and efficiency.

The PCR-LE Series has three output voltage modes: AC, DC, and AC+DC. One unit of PCR-LE can support tests in both AC and DC.

After Company B’s success with the PCR-LE Series, Mr. S has decided to add more Kikusui products in the future.