RedPhase 4031

RedPhase 4031

Frequency Selective Multimeter

סוג הפתרון: Earth Resistance and Resistivity
4031 R3

When performing earthing/grounding system tests it is essential to filter out the predominant 50 or 60Hz currents that are often present in a typical test situation. This is done by injecting at frequencies other than 50 or 60Hz and making sure that the instrument which detects voltages and currents around the loop is tightly tuned to the same frequency. The 4031 is a hand held frequency selective ammeter and voltmeter used to measure the I/V magnitudes and phase of signals induced into an earth loop via a high power current injection system such as the Model 4041 and 4046. The voltmeter part of the 4031 allows, fall of potential and step & touch voltages to be measured easily and accurately, which is important for the safety of both the general public and utility personnel. In earth loops, measurements are made of voltage, current and phase angles enabling the impedance of the circuit to be calculated by the software. The 4031 runs off an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery which lasts 5 to 6 hours. The 4031 comes in two variations. A Rogowski coil type or a LEM~flex RR3020 AC current probe type, but not both. The Rogowski coil and LEM current probe are available as optional accessories. The 4031 also has an on board GPS feature which is used for cable-less phase synchronization when performing current branch measurements. The 4031 Multimeter operates in the 40 - 69 Hz range, rejecting both 50 Hz or 60 Hz power frequencies. The high quality of the Multimeter’s filters allows it to be used at frequency resolutions to 0.1Hz deviation from the baseline power frequency with no interference.

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