EMC Power Line Immunity Testing 

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Immunity Tests allow professionals to gauge equipment’s ability to withstand various electromagnetic phenomena commonplace today. This is incredibly important to things from basic daily functions to hospital machinery and air traffic. EMC Immunity Testing saves lives.

Pacific Power Source offers EMC Immunity Testing hardware and software solutions with Alternating Current (AC) power sources to commercial and defense clientele. Our most recent development is the EMC Compliance Test Systems Generation 2 (ECTS2). 

ECTS2 systems fit a vast array of power levels and output configurations and are programmable for AC or AC+DC power sources with Harmonics and Flicker reference and impendence modules. IEC Compliance Test Immunity

All European Union (EU) state members comply with the EMC Directive, a set of harmonized standards and test methods issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). 

Pacific Power Source offers a variety of immunity testing solutions to ensure IEC compliance. Our Electronic Transfer Switch unit (EPTS) is equipped with software suited to each of the IEC’s Compliance Test’s articles and gathers information on the Equipment Under Testing (EUT) and provides a detailed report.

IEC61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-27, IEC61000-4-29 & IEC61000-4-34

 The above tests examine voltage dips, interruptions, variations, and voltage unbalance immunity testing.  

Voltage Immunity Tests are run and monitored by our EpstGui control software.


The above test evaluates Harmonic and Interharmonic voltages and potential effects on a EUT.

The Ects_413Gui control software tests the Harmonics and Interharmonics voltages to ensure compliance. Our Ects_413 includes IEC413 “C” Option on AFX, AZX, and LMX Series programmable sources for when it’s needed.

IEC61000-4-14, IEC61000-4-17, IEC61000-4-27p & IEC61000-4-28

The tests above measure a device’s EMC immunity under varied power frequencies. 

Our Ecst_4xxGui software conducts and measures the above tests and is compatible with AFX, AZX, and LMX (excluding IEC61000-4-17 for LMX) Series programmable power sources.