EV Off-Board Charging

Electrical vehicle supply equipment, or off-board chargers, enable an electric vehicle to charge from the public grid. Manufacturers of off-board chargers must factor in testing from both sides, that of the grid and that of the electric vehicle. A Cinergia Grid Simulator provides this testing capability, producing the same stable voltage output by the grid. The simulator can also simulate common disturbances for testing to meet IEC 61000-4/11/13/14/28 standards. 

Cinergia manufactures the components and devices necessary to implement proper research, development, and testing for regenerative source solutions. The Cinergia Regenerative Electronic Load simulates an electric vehicle, supporting both AC and DC for testing charge output and cables. This product is also available as an all-in-one combined product with the Grid Simulator, providing a cost-effective solution when separate applications are not required.

Electromobility Platform - Regenerative Source

Four Charging Modes

The four distinct charging modes for electric vehicles can all be accounted for and tested with Cinergia products. Mode 1 is simple AC charging from a standard plug base. Mode 2 incorporates ground monitoring and a pilot function into the cable. Mode 3 has a fixed charging point that integrates communications and the ground monitoring system. Mode 4 is fast DC chagrining with monitoring, protection, and the pilot function incorporated into the charger. 

The right combination of Cinergia products can allow for testing of all four modes of charging. You can learn more about the Grid Emulator and B2C series, along with the DCPS, on the Wise-Tech regenerative source product page. The professional consulting at Wise-Tech can help you make the right choice for your specific application