Power Hardware in the Loop

Power Hardware in the Loop (PHiL) is a method of conducting tests by simulating a real-world system in real-time before emulation (converting real voltages, currents, and power). Power converters perform emulation by converting the reference signal generated by the simulator into a voltage or waveform. Power converters used in this fashion are often referred to as power amplifiers.

Conduct PHiL applications with the amplifier functionality featured in all the CINERGIA products, except for GE+vAC and EL+vAC models. Other functionalities performed by CINERGIA units provide a wide range of use in standard applications. The intuitive MODBUS and software interfaces offer a boost to both accuracy and efficiency.

Different versions of the GE+ (except the vAC only) provide an Alternating Current (AC) regenerative voltage source with power amplifier functionality. The EL+ (not the vAC only) is the best option for applications requiring AC regenerative current source operating as a power amplifier. For Direct Current (DC) applications with power amplifier functionality, the B2C+ or AC/DC are the best option. For those who need both AC and DC, CINERGIA All-in-One products (GE/EL+) include power amplifier functionality for PHiL. CINERGIA’s experience in this field allowed them to create an array of cost-effective specialized products optimized for Power Hardware in the Loop applications, the vHiL. The convergence of real-time simulation and power converter technology has led to PHiL applications, and CINERGIA’s vHiL line is perfected for this use. PHiL applications allow for more efficient and accurate testing by providing real-time results with power added during tests.