Photovoltaic Testing Solutions

Solar Power is often the first thing we think of when we think of renewable power. One problem facing solar is the storage of excess energy not used during solar peaks. Photovoltaic systems address this issue by sending unused power to the grid. However, complications with new technology are common, emphasizing the need for accurate and extensive testing.

Enter CINERGIA’s power devices for Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter testing. Our PV inverter testing is conducted in a closed energy loop and reduces grid consumption by between 20% and 35% (on average). When tested under laboratory conditions, a 100kW inverter with CINERGIA’s power devices used only 20kW-35kW upon installation. This allows you to conduct more efficient and ecologically friendly burn-in and end-of-line tests.

Disturbances to the power grid provide challenges to any energy source. Simulate such disturbances and conduct complex tests with our Grid Simulator (GE+).  A full-4Q regenerative voltage source creates worldwide grids and conducts these complex tests with STEPS functionality. An editor in our software develops deterministic test steps – simulate scenarios including voltage dips and frequency fluctuations with each of the resolution’s steps generating within 1ms. Use predefined test panels compliant with IEC61000-4-11/13/14/28 and LVRT (in available countries) with our optional software.

CINERGIA’s AC Electronic Loads

CINERGIA’s AC Electronic Loads (EL+) are full-4Q regenerative and bidirectional current sources, useful for RCL network and anti-islanding tests. Independent renewable energy laboratory studies determined our electronic loads meet all EIC 62116:2014 standards.

Not all platforms use Grid Emulator and Electronic Load simultaneously, making our All-in-One (GE/EL + vAC) device the cost-effective alternative perfect for testing solutions.

DC Bidirectional Converter (B2C+) keeps power consistent during a burn-in test. R&D applications include emulating PV Panels with irradiance/temperature variation sequences. Create a shadowing effect for MPPT testing, using the B2C+’s power amplifier mode in combination with an external simulation system.