Energy Storage System

Available systems used to store electrical energy once were expensive, impractical, and bulky, which led us to only store surplus power for emergency systems. New technologies and optimization of existing ones allow us to re-evaluate the storage of surplus energy.

New cost-effective methods smooth intermittency issues found in renewable energy sources, allowing the storage of excess with shifting peaks. This has never been more important as we switch to clean energy.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) connect through a three-way system which involves:

  1. Electrical Grid: Imports and exports signals via the network.
  2. Direct Current (DC) Storage Unit: Stores energy.
  3. Loads/Microgrid: Merge the loads with generation.

CINERGIA’s extensive know-how in this area allows for comprehensive test solutions.

Create stable worldwide grids with CINGERGIA’s full-4Q voltage source Grid Simulator (GE+). Test for immunity and grid codes by generating common disturbance. LVRT and IEC-61000 compliant testing with our software prepares you for any eventuality.

Applications for the B2C+ (DC Bidirectional Converter) in testing and research changed pre-programmed battery models for the better. The B2C+’s amplifier allows connection to real-time simulation systems for testing. Test battery modules and packs with specific software tools designed for it. Testing is more intuitive and flexible than ever with the B2C+.