Electromobility Solutions

As the realities of climate change become more severe, the demand for efficient, clean energy is rapidly growing. This challenge to the transportation industry can be overcome with innovations in the field. Electromobility can be greener due to developments in battery technologies and power electronics. It’s easier than ever to charge, discharge, and drive electric motors.

CINERGIA’s extensive experience allows us to provide R&D solutions and Functional End-of-Line tests. 

Off-board EV Charger

Alternating Current (AC) grids supply fast-chargers by high-powered AC/DC outputs. Our Grid Simulator (GE+) provides stable and clean voltages and generates worldwide grids. Simulate disturbances following IEC 61000-4-4/11/13/14/28 standards to understand common issues. Emulate EV electrical behavior in AC (EL+) or DC (B2C+) when testing output and active charging cables. 

Our All-in-One products (AC/DC, GE/EL) provide cost-effective solutions to those who don’t need simultaneity.


On-Board Charger (OBC)

On-Board Chargers (OBCs) connect to the grid either directly or via active cables to produce mid-power Direct Current (DC) output. Our Grid Simulator tests AC elements during disturbances or stable conditions. 

DC elements, on the other hand, are tested with DC Electronic Loads (B2C+). Our B2C+ comes with software options perfect for battery behavior emulation.


Battery Pack testing

CINERGIA designed the DC Bidirectional Converter (B2C+) unit with the expressed purpose of testing battery packs and modules. Use our software to configure and automate battery tests. Evaluate your charger’s discharging, cycling, aging, and characterizing to ensure they are clean, green, and cost-effective.