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Solar Emulation Inverter Test

Solar Emulation Inverter Testing Solar arrays produce a Direct Current (DC) output. With the non-linear and varied nature of solar arrays, solar inverters require additional controls that standard DC inverters don’t.  Solar Arrays and How Devices Use Them Though varied, solar inverters have their benefits including the renewable nature of solar energy. Solar arrays Voltage

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Power Hardware in the Loop – CINERGIA

Power Hardware in the Loop Power Hardware in the Loop (PHiL) simulates a real-world system on a real-time basis before emulation. Emulating is the process of converting simulated signals to real voltage and currents. Power converters perform emulation by transforming the simulation’s reference signal into either a voltage or current waveform. These converters are often

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Pacific Power Source AC Testing

AC Power Sources for R&D and Power Test Solutions. In this day and age, the power sector is inundated with a vast array of AC power grids. This selection is useful, but its common drawback is the relative instability of AC power grids due to interference and location. Pacific’s AC power sources mitigate these factors

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Kikusui PCR-MA Series

Distortion in AC Source’s Output Waveform Deteriorates Production Throughput The Solution High-quality output waveform Compact AC source installed in the production line Mitigate or eliminate issues caused by poor waveform quality or voltage events. A compact AC source with a consistent high-quality waveform increases throughput Mr. C mulled over Company J’s issues and determined the

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EMC Testing

EMC Power Line Immunity Testing  Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Immunity Tests allow professionals to gauge equipment’s ability to withstand various electromagnetic phenomena commonplace today. This is incredibly important to things from basic daily functions to hospital machinery and air traffic. EMC Immunity Testing saves lives. Pacific Power Source offers EMC Immunity Testing hardware and software solutions

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Battery and Capacitator Charging

Magna-Power’s standard feature-set power supplies are designed to fit the similar charging requirements of both batteries and capacitors. Operating with constant current mode, it accounts for both open-circuit voltage and maximum charge current (rate of charge). When a battery enters nominal voltage while charging its channels are open. Once the charging current drops to zero

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Kikusui PCR-LE Series

Testing environment and production quality improves with high voltage AC power supply PCR-LE Series Key Aspects of the Solution Control broadband waveforms with AC power supplies’ linear amplifier system

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A New Solution in Evaluating Automotive Batteries for Reuse Electric vehicles require batteries, and these batteries have finite life spans. How long batteries last depends on how they’re manufactured and their internal chemistry. No battery lasts forever. They all eventually make their way to either disposal or recycling. The latest innovations in this sector look

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