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A New Solution in Evaluating Automotive Batteries for Reuse Electric vehicles require batteries, and these batteries have finite life spans. How long batteries last depends on how they’re manufactured and their internal chemistry. No battery lasts forever. They all eventually make their way to either disposal or recycling. The latest innovations in this sector look

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Modern electronic systems face many challenges when implementing data exchange. There are high standards for interference immunity, real-time capabilities, and the cost-effectiveness of the system. Controller area network (CAN) serial bus systems are used in the demanding automation and automotive industries to meet these challenges. Modern applications, such as the development of electric vehicles, require

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Electromobility Platform – Regenerative Source

Electrical vehicle supply equipment, or off-board chargers, enable an electric vehicle to charge from the public grid. Manufacturers of off-board chargers must factor in testing from both sides, that of the grid and that of the electric vehicle. A Cinergia Grid Simulator provides this testing capability, producing the same stable voltage output by the grid.

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DualPath – ZES LMG670

Analyzing the overall efficiency of drive-motor combinations is a task that requires specialized measurements. The analysis must determine how much drive output power matches the motor’s fundamental frequency to calculate torque contribution if the harmonics are in compliance with the stated requirements and the quality of output power over the entirety of the frequency band.

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New earth resistance and ground resistivity meter – Sonel MRU-30

Now cheaper means better!   Earth resistance measuring is a process which requires much more involvement from the person carrying it out than any other measurements connected with electric shock protection. Therefore, each simplification that may help in performing the test correctly and reduces its duration cannot be overestimated. In the big family of earth

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