Wise Tech Ltd. was founded in 2006, and provides commercial and military organizations with highly specialized test and measurement equipment for optimal system accuracy. Our equipment suits a wide range of complex systems utilized within diverse markets, including  RF & wireless, communications, avionics, power, safety, EMC, scientific, video/broadcast, electrical & industrial industry, research and development and advanced manufacturing sectors.

Our expertise lies in our ability to introduce our clients to advanced test solutions that best suit their specific applications. Wise Tech’s founder, Yossi Tzadik, has established strong partnerships within Israel’s high-tech and military sectors and has been very successful in promoting cutting-edge products from top suppliers.

We are committed to representing and working with leading suppliers in the test measurement industry, so that our clients receive optimal solutions with regards to performance as well as cost-effectiveness. We are extremely knowledgeable about the products we sell, and our service commitment includes technical support and consultations as well as on-site service support.

For a  list of the brands we represent, click here.

While Wise Tech supplies specific vendor products, we realize that some of our clients require tailor-made solutions. In cases such as these, we engage our affiliated company, Everest Technologies, in designing and manufacturing unique turn-key products that integrate hardware and software components, and which accommodate specific applications with ultimate precision.